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A Case for Simple, Actionable Behavioral Research – Post 4

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In our last three posts, we talked about the significance of behavioral research as a foundational guide for creating great shopper marketing. And in this post, we will share our belief in the importance of such a framework in the quest to achieve the moment at which marketing value is created.

When does marketing create value?

Trillions in every currency are spent globally each year on marketing. While it is tempting to say that building brand awareness and fame are the key objectives for marketing initiatives, what counts today more than ever is that the moment at which marketing value is realized. That moment is the one in which a shopper makes a choice and purchases your product.

As the American automotive pioneer, Henry Ford is quoted as saying: “Nothing happens until someone sells something”​.

The shopper journey that ends in a purchase transaction, at the physical cash register, or the virtual shopping cart is the moment at which all the hard work of marketing pays off. Therefore, understanding the Benefits and Barriers to achieving that goal is the most effective way to identify and optimize factors impacting consumer choice.

Taking our series full circle, the reason to invest in our unique behavioral framework of Benefits and Barriers is because we believe fundamentally all consumer research needs to serve the singular objective of identifying behaviors that will lead to the most important moment in marketing: the purchase transaction.

Take for example the role of packaging in overall shopper marketing. Earlier this year we published an e-book on The Power of Packaging to Drive Shopper Growth (available in English, French, and German). In it, we examine our behavioral framework in action applied to various challenges faced by marketers in this specific category of shopper marketing. We provide case studies and examples of “best practices” that illustrate the role of Benefits and Barriers. We address clients’ challenges in topics that include sustainability considerations, the role of color and impactful images, simplicity and emotion in design, and what to be mindful of when making a revolutionary change in packaging structure. Finally, we identify pitfalls to avoid in order to be Seen, Shoppable, Seductive and (the most important metric) to be Selected

By highlighting how our behavioral framework is applied in practice, we hope you can see parallels for these solutions to enable solutions to your critical marketing challenges.

Products tied to Principles

The “acid test” for any framework is how closely it is married to the research products, solutions, results, and recommendations it supports. 

At Behaviorally, we are committed to continuous improvement, evolving our solutions to reflect aggregated learning as we extend our consultancy globally and across a growing number of verticals.

Our teams are ready to demonstrate the application of our evolving behavioral solutions to clients’ dynamic challenges. Our behavioral framework is at the core of all our tools including:

PackFlash® – Digital-first solutions for pack validation including flexible options for combining rapid quant evaluations with configurable integration of qualitative insights. 

Flash.AI™ – Rapid, pack potential metrics of early-stage concepts, competitive intelligence, and benchmarking, based on AI image recognition comparisons against our extensive database of pack and shelf design KPIs.

OmniPath® – An in-depth exploratory solution for diagnosing the influences, causes, triggers, and holistic factors, along the shopper journey that inspire consumers to shop the way they do.  

Flash.PDP™ – Our e-commerce division, eFluence™ provides an AI-powered image recognition platform for optimizing images on e-commerce product detail pages, increasing potential for sales conversion.

Through the marriage of our behavioral framework, a digital-first integration of leading-edge technology, and a passionately dedicated team of experts, we use these tools to help clients create value in their marketing and enable its most important moment: the purchase transaction.


We hope you found this 4-part series on Behavioral Science and our unique behavioral framework of Benefits and Barriers useful, especially learning how we apply it to help clients achieve the most important moments in marketing. We also hope it can serve as an inspiration to anyone seeking to win in retail during challenging times.

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