Validate Pack Designs Online in a Flash

PackFlash® is an agile online solution for pack design validation in both e-commerce and physical retail.

The PackFlash offering includes:

  • Integrates PackPower Score, an AI-powered one-number sales predictor and ability to benchmark against competitors 
  • Focused and clear-cut fully automated reporting, available in days
  • Reliable, actionable validations of pack for physical as well as digital shelves
  • A tiered pricing model to deliver maximum flexibility and “fit for purpose” validation options
  • Customize your solutions based on your specific business needs: maximum speed or fully bespoke to answer unique questions

To learn more, contact a Behaviorally pack expert today.

Get Deeper Insights from your PackFlash Study with Fully Integrated Connects

Our Connects add-ons helps you further define and diagnose the why’s behind the validation research with full integration.

These one-on-one conversations will delve into the motivations and design elements to provide you richer insights to drive better business decisions and increase sales.

You will emerge with a holistic and meaningful story with consumer verbatim responses to sell into the research outcomes to key stakeholders.

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