Unlock the power of behavioral intelligence

Understand what drives the consumer to buy, define your pack and path-to-purchase strategies, and boost sales across all channels. 

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End-to-end data intelligence for more effective packaging design, eCommerce visuals, and buyer journey mapping.

PackPower Score™

One easy-to-understand prediction of your pack’s sales performance with AI.

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    Adopt the industry standard metric for packaging design.

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    Compare your designs against competition to see how they stack up.

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    Gain the benchmark power of the largest pack design database.


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Identify the best pack design using AI.

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    Smart technology to identify the pack design ideas that will boost sales.

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    Get a detailed breakdown of the benefits and barriers for optimization. 

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    Save time and money by knowing what works before you progress. 



Explore, discover, and evaluate packs in qualitative retail environments.

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    Explore the category and map against current and competitors. 

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    Gain conviction in your design decisions with tailored pack discovery.

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    Evaluate pack designs in real shopping scenarios.

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Validate your pack designs by surveying consumers.

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    Quantify the benefits and barriers of your pack performance.

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    Ensure most accurate prediction by replicating shelf context. 

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    Flexible timing, pricing, and tiered solutions to answer your specific questions.

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Hear the full qualitative why behind consumer decisions in the retail context.

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    Get the details behind the survey numbers. 

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    Find out what makes consumers buy more through in-depth interviews.

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    Fully explore the benefits and barriers that drive consumer choices.

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Improve your e-commerce visuals through AI analysis.

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    Learn how consumers interact with your e-commerce visuals. 

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    AI identifies the most and least effective digital images.

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    Use your online visual content to drive sales conversion at scale.


Win throughout the multi-channel shopper journey

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    Map and quantify your shopper’s decisions along their path-to-purchase.

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    Understand your shopper motivations with video-based shop-alongs.

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    Analyze online behavior of your shoppers including search, social, website interactions, and more.


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