10 Years of Predicting the Future: 3 Key Themes That Emerged at IIEX EU, Amsterdam 2023

GreenBook’s IIEX Europe, Insight Innovation Exchange, returned this year, celebrating the tenth year of the conference series! Held last week on March 28-29 in Amsterdam, we were delighted to join other insights professionals to discuss the latest trends and challenges within our industry. There were 3 key themes that we saw emerge from the event:

Human Cen-Tech

Numerous presentations focused on the powerful role of artificial intelligence (AI) and its significant impact on the insights industry. Our industry is currently teetering on this fascinating edge, where the discourse is pulled between an obsession with ‘human first’ and ‘human centered’ principles and an undeniable growth in AI and the advantages of machine learning. It is unclear whether we’ve captured the sweet spot of the optimal balance, but it is one for insights professionals to watch. Neurons joined the AI revolution at IIEX Amsterdam last week with their forward-thinking and engaging stand with an AI offer for eye tracking on products, videos, and screens. Another fascinating presentation was from Francine Lenfant (Senior Innovation Insight Specialist, Nestlé) on fast innovation where she discussed how the Nestlé Lausanne Accelerator operates and how they must move quickly (6-month cycle); they engage with insight partners and local start-ups to bring new products to life in little time.

AI has revolutionized how businesses operate and has changed the game in consumer data collection. These changes have happened internally here at Behaviorally with the launch of Flash.AIFlash.PDPPackPower Score, and other products where we utilize AI together with our industry-leading behavioral database to help our clients own the most valuable moment in marketing: when the purchase transaction occurs. 


The importance of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in today’s highly competitive marketplace, where the desire to make decisions that are focused on sustainability is growing among both consumers and businesses, but the best course of action isn’t always obvious. As insights professionals, we need to help facilitate sustainable choices and make them more accessible to everyone. By incorporating sustainable beliefs into our core business practices and values, we can help drive meaningful change in the industry. Brands must try to be true to consumer’s values in order to change their behaviors and influence them to make more sustainable choices.

With plenty of air time for discussion around sustainability at IIEX Amsterdam, it is clear there is an evolution in how this topic is approached by insight teams and businesses. It’s table stakes, it’s looking at every stage of the chain, and it’s about doing the right things where you can, whether consumers are ready for the journey or not.

Organizational Shifts

Another evident theme at IIEX EU was organizational shifts in today’s world. Some very open and honest clients gave real insight into the demand and desires, but also the pressures and challenges of bringing in new agile processes and ways to innovate around new products. As partners, we’ve got to keep striving for speed, quality, value, and truth in all we do.

This is why we created The Power of Packaging to Drive Shopper Growth. A practical guide for our clients to reference and use to create the most effective packaging designs and ultimately own that most valuable moment in marketing: the sales transaction.

Contact a Behaviorally team member today so we can help you shine to your stakeholders with our AI technology – while also ensuring data quality!



Michaela Kerr is a Marketing Coordinator at Behaviorally with a passion for brands and the consumer shopper journey. When she’s not working, Michaela enjoys all things fitness and wellness, shopping, spending time with her family and friends, and travelling to new places.

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