The Predictive Power of Combining Sales Data with Other Packaging Evaluative Metrics

This past week we introduced the PackPower Score™, a new additive metric to supplement and complement all of the other diagnostics we provide in our robust evaluative solutions for predicting the impact of packaging on shopper behavior.

Moving forward we will be embedding PackPower Score into our full solutions suite for measuring the impact of pack designs as catalysts for sales growth – including PackFlash Core, PackFlash Plus and PackFlash 360, for quantitative assessment of pack potential, and our flagship ShopperLab™ solution for structure and sensory work qualitative evaluation.

The significance of this innovation is consistent with our mission to help clients achieve the singular moment in which all marketing value is realized: The moment in which a consumer chooses your product and makes a purchase transaction.

This one-number score is additive, supplementary, and expansive on all the in-depth pack design diagnostics which clients have come to rely on from Behaviorally, based on our unrivalled set of tried-and-true KPIs for individual packaging design performance. Our diagnostics are rooted in behavioral data derived by observing and analyzing consumer reactions to packs in full competitive context, quantitatively and qualitatively. In aggregate our individual pack performance evaluations roll up to the largest and most richly detailed database of its kind in the world, consisting of over 32 million data points. By applying cutting-edge computer vision AI, trained to evaluate packaging designs like a human would see them, we have enabled scalable solutions that identify elemental packaging themes linked to the potential to drive shopper behaviors that translate to sales.

Our solutions are already considered to be market leading “best in class”. Yet, our appetite to ensure client success pushed us to go further and include the contextual “ground truth” of historical sales data, providing an additional KPI that links a pack’s performance to ROI potential.

We invested in third party sales data that could be combined with all our other data sources, including survey data, to provide the addition of a one-number PackPower Score. It is normative, and enables simple, easy to understand predictive metrics as well as competitive benchmarking against rivals at the shelf, to enhance and illuminate all the other findings we deliver through our solutions.

All evaluative guidance is contextual, whether it be the context in which a consumer encounters your product (physical or virtual retail environment), or the context in which pack design can convey the Benefits of a product (or inadvertently introduce Barriers that could derail a purchase). But, the end goal is always the same, answering the question: What is the potential of a pack change to impact sales when in competitive context?

By itself the PackPower Score provides unique value, however, it is not provided on its own. It is included as part of our overall evaluation KPIs, for packs at each stage of the design process, and it provides the most essential context: what is the potential for this pack design to impact sales?

Contact a Customer Success member in your region to talk about all our packaging evaluation solutions and the newest addition of the PackPower Score, to help you influence shopper behavior and increase purchase transactions.

Download our Power of Packaging e-book to learn more about our point of view on the role of packaging to impact shopper behavior and drive sales.


Matt Salem - Circle Crop

Matt SalemSVP Customer Success, loves researching anything and everything – professionally and personally! As the host of Behaviorally’s Our Best Behavior’ podcast, he speaks with guests about a variety of topics tied to Driving Shopper Growth. Through the experience and perspective of various roles over 19+ years at Behaviorally, he excels at ensuring clients successfully uncover shopper insights.

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