Behaviorally Launches Suite of Products to Help Customers Own New Retail

Influencing the Consumer Path to Purchase to Drive More Valuable Transactions

(New York City) Today Behaviorally is announcing the launch of ShelfPath and DecisionPath, services designed to understand shoppers operating in the world of New Retail where seeing, interacting, and shopping across physical, digital, and social channels is seamless. ShelfPath and DecisionPath will be offered under Behaviorally’s shopper journey suite of services, TransactionPath™. The proprietary suite uncovers the holistic path-to-purchase and decision drivers to identify the key moments to influence consumer choice in new retail.

TransactionPath is a connected system of multi-modal and flexible solutions to capture consumer behavior including:

  • ShelfPath to get a deep and rich understanding of the shopper journey whether in store, online, or across social channels via video-based responses and behavior observation. This qualitative approach is designed for scale for quali-quant insights that drive decisions.
  • DecisionPath to quantify, map, and explain consumer decisions along the path-to-purchase by integrating advanced analytics and choice modeling to give brands data driven confidence in action.
  • DigiTraffic and DigiFootprint modules illuminate online search traffic, website interactions, and conversion activity, while also exploring the digital footprint of target shoppers to extract insight on key touchpoints and influencers that increase sales.

TransactionPath is fully customizable to meet customer’s needs and answer key business questions. Key outcomes include an understanding of consumer behaviors and attitudes; a path to purchase map with key moments to influence the shopper; quantified purchase drivers and the consumer decision tree; and recommendations for digital and physical tactics to reach consumers along the shopper journey.

Behaviorally applies a digital-first approach to insights, a unique behavioral framework, state-of-the-art AI technology and decades of category expertise to define and diagnose the factors that influence human behavior to help brands achieve the most valuable moment in marketing: when a purchase transaction occurs.

Behaviorally’s Nisha Yadav, Senior Vice President, said, “New retail is seamlessly multi-channel and offers tremendous opportunity. eCommerce sales have reached $1 trillion in the US alone in 2022.  I’m so excited to be announcing our latest updates to our shopper journey suite of products as we partner with our customers to own this new retail landscape. I am especially proud of our new ShelfPath approach which allows us to capture behavior and reactions in-the-moment. As we continue to innovate and push forward in our strategy to be relentlessly future-focused, this is just another step forward in our evolution to help our customers own that most valuable moment in marketing: when a sales transaction occurs.”

Crispin Beale, Behaviorally’s Group President, also said, “One of our foundational values is that we define tomorrow, today, and TransactionPath is a key part of our strategy and vision. We know that brands spend trillions of dollars each year on marketing to reach consumers. TransactionPath empowers our clients to find the key moments to influence and engage consumers at all the moments that matter throughout the path-to-purchase through a unique behavioral framework and industry-leading technology.”

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About Behaviorally: We are Behaviorally, The Transaction Experts. With decades of global experience and category expertise in consumer marketing insights, we apply our unique behavioral framework, cutting-edge AI technology, and a digital-first approach to help brands achieve the most valuable moment in marketing: when a purchase transaction occurs.

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