What Makes Companies Great? The People

A couple of weeks ago, I turned up to work there was a rack full of shovels, a steaming pile of topsoil waiting at the front door, all while mind you, it was 39°F, or for me and my native reading, 3°C. Work for us last Friday was spending the day in a central NJ town partnering with the local division of  Habitat for Humanity to give back our time for an amazing local family and the construction of their new home.

Not only was this an unusual way to start the work day, but it wasn’t just any day, it was about the 100th day since I took on the role of CPO for Behaviorally.

This was just one of the quarterly commitments we’ve made in giving back to the community and it struck me of how proud I am of Behaviorally as a company and the commitment and passion of the people who make up our staff who take the time to give back as a group. 

I couldn’t be prouder of my role working with such an amazing team. The last 100 days have underscored how Behaviorally genuinely stands behind a principle that successful companies have always known: PEOPLE are your most valuable asset in the quest to achieving your goals and the one key resource that you must protect, develop, and empower. 

At Behaviorally, we unabashedly have high, ambitious goals: to help our clients drive shopper growth. You can’t do that without a first-rate team of professionals who embrace the vision and come to work every day ready to execute against it.

We’ve been lucky enough to attract many brilliant, talented, and committed individuals to our team. It is even furthermore impressive to see how we all have developed new ways of collaborating, accommodation to the realities of hybrid work environments, and emerged even more energized with many milestones of success to celebrate.

I am sincerely proud that the organization is serious enough about this commitment to people, so much so that they have created my role because it is a true manifestation of what we value most. 

A valuable portion of what I do, with the help of Melissa Pagano who heads up HR, involves making sure that our policies are fair, well-documented and communicated, and applied consistently. It involves making sure our benefits are not just competitive but leading in the industry. We are responsible for recruiting new members of the team creatively and effectively, and then onboarding them in a way that makes them feel welcomed and ready to contribute against our growth and to foster their growth.

We have one of the most diverse leadership teams around and I am proud to be part of a great team of smart people dedicated to making the guidance we provide to clients second to none, and importantly how we as a team support the staff who are on the front lines of delivering it, with our values as our NorthStar for how that always gets done.

In a recent Leadership Team meeting, we took the time to renew the expression of our value statement, because it truly frames the commitment, we as a company make to each other.

The language we hammered out goes like this: 

“At our core, our company values are the foundation of all we do, they guide us through the challenges we face, as a filter in the decisions we make and the lives we choose to live. We embrace our ability to define tomorrow today both as an organization and as individuals, driving our growth professionally and personally. We lead with boldness, embrace change, and empower and trust our team with the knowledge and tools to ensure we work smart to deliver actionable outcomes for our clients, our industry and each other.”

I truly believe that everyone in our organization plays a key role in bringing a version of these values to life. In parallel, I am truly pleased that we as a company are committed to growth and how we nurture and encourage each employee to reach for and achieve their own personal career development goals. It just makes good business sense. It always has.

I can’t wait to share more around other elements of my role at Behaviorally in the coming months. Important topics regarding critical initiatives like ESG (might sound a bit dry but it all comes back to empowering our people to have clear guidelines for how to operate so we can safely, effectively, and equitably achieve our goals together) and other ways we are making a difference both internally and externally here at Behaviorally.


The Author

Adam Overell is the Chief People Officer at Behaviorally (Formerly PRS), bringing over 15 years of experience managing people, processes, and projects in various industry verticals. He is responsible for supporting the global teams, empowering, and equipping all staff through development and training to meet corporate and individual goals. His responsibilities also include ensuring that the Company is efficiently organized and focused on delivering on their ESG goals as well as overseeing the Company’s legal and corporate compliance through good governance.
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