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Newsletter: 50 Years Of Pack Design Principles in One Place

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We are celebrating 50 years of understanding human behavior and our 1st anniversary as Behaviorally, your digital-first partner for driving shopper growth.

To commemorate this special occasion, we are pleased to share our comprehensive guide of best practices that make pack design most effective.

Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

Alex Hunt (CEO) & Crispin Beale (President) will be interviewed by ESOMAR President, Kristin Luck, on the future of insights on Jan 13 at 4 pm CET.

Predictions for 2022

Our CEO, Alex Hunt, looked back at our journey this past year and predicts that in 2022, the insights industry will have its best year yet.

Tips for Delivering Your Healthy Message

In this latest podcast episode of Our Best Behavior, learn about driving purchase behaviors in health-minded shoppers and more.

Read our blog post here for more.

Changes Coming for Seasonal Snacks

With the HFSS regulation looming for this upcoming year in the UK, how will changes impact packaging for foods associated with the holiday season in 2022 & onward?

Our Top 10 Reads of 2021

QR codes, e-commerce, and challenger brands are just some of the most popular articles of 2021 to help you drive shopper growth.

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