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The Behaviorally Blog is the best source of information to help drive shopper growth at the digital and physical shelf (Ok, we might be a bit biased). As we close out this year, I’ve identified the most read editorial blogs and articles of 2021.

I hope you enjoy this informative reading list for some light holiday reading and have a very Happy New Year!

Marrying AI and a Robust Database to Innovate Testing of Early Pack Designs

Behaviorally has been deeply committed to our strategy and new brand promise: a digital-first approach to uncovering shopper insights and leveraging our legacy of experience in packaging and shopper marketing in order to drive growth for our clients. Get a deeper understanding of our AI-powered Flash.AI™ solution and how it can deliver results within 120 minutes.

Winning at Shelf: The Art and Science of Effective Packaging

Designing an effective pack that wins at the digital and in-person shelf is a delicate balance of art and science. In this article for Quirk’s, Ian Elmer distills decades of learning into our unique POV on the art and science of what makes a winner in packaging.

More Ways to Stay Sustainable and Connected With We Better Behave!

We partnered with Maru, Opinium, and Protobrand, to bring together sustainability experts and insights professionals for a one-day virtual event, We Better Behave!. Here are additional ways you can all share the message and lead to real action within our industry.

A Behavioral Approach to Measuring Pack Effectiveness

Recent studies on consumer behavior have found that shoppers typically spend less than one-minute making purchase decisions and that very few engage in any sort of comparison-shopping behavior. Jason Bradbury shares the greatest predictors of packaging design driving shopper choice in this GreenBook article.

Our Re-Invention as the Shopper Marketer Partner of the Future

Each year, GreenBook releases the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Agencies. This year, we were the highest debut on the list as the 11th Most Innovative Agency overall. Read how our re-invention has made us the undisputed market leader to help our clients navigate the future of human shopper behavior.

Return of the Forgotten QR Code

With the advancements of Wi-Fi accessibility, 5G, and the fact that now every smartphone has the ability without an app to read QR codes, their adoption has become more prevalent. In this popular article, Michele McCorry explained how brands can leverage QR codes on pack during the consumer path-to-purchase to influence shopper choice and behavior.

Looking to Asia for Behavioral e-Commerce Models: Mobile, Social and Livestream

Earlier this year, eMarketer, predicted that “52.1% of the [China’s] retail sales will come from e-commerce in 2021, up from 44.8% a year prior. That means that for the first time anywhere, a majority of retail sales for an entire country will transact online.” In this latest blog post, Melvin Ng discusses three major e-commerce models in Asia and their potential future impact on retail across the globe.

The Digital Shopping Journey for Our Pampered Pets

With the COVID-19 pandemic, people adopted pets in record numbers, creating a larger market of shoppers. But the pandemic also drastically changed the shopping habits of these new pet owners. Learn how brands can succeed in this growing digital shopping landscape.

The Rise of Challenger Brands and Their Ability to Disrupt the Market

With the transformation of the shopper landscape and the rise of omnichannel, something also emerging across categories is the rise of challenger brands. What are challenger brands, and what can we learn from their success? Read this blog for 3 learnings from challenger brands to apply to your own marketing strategies.

From Availability to Sustainability

As more brands turn their strategies towards sustainability, they are finding it difficult to share their message on a cluttered shelf. In this article for Quirk’s July/August issue, Erik Olsen explained ways brands can leverage their packaging to support eco-friendly messaging while answering consumer questions at shelf.

The Author

Molly Purcell is the Marketing Coordinator for Behaviorally (formerly PRS). She has over 8 years of experience in content marketing, campaign management, social media, and event coordination. Outside of work, Molly enjoys donating her time to AMA New York and serves as the Director of Volunteers. In her spare time, she creates folk art and listens to podcasts.

Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Molly Purcell

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