Join the Red Carpet at the PackPower Awards!  

On the recent occasion of launching the PackPower Score™, we decided to look at the universe of recent pack entrants in the CPG product landscape and apply this powerful evaluative and predictive metric to identify some of the most successful designs. We wanted to celebrate their potential to drive the most important moment in marketing: when a consumer actually chooses your product and makes a purchase.

So, on November 10th, Behaviorally launched the PackPower Awards to celebrate 30 of the Most Effective New Pack Designs of 2022 as identified by the PackPower Score™.

We evaluated over 1000 new pack designs, in over 50 countries, assembling the 30 leading designs in a metaverse gallery including narratives around why they achieved powerful predictive metrics indicative of potential positive influence on sales. Viewing the winners in the gallery is a great, fun way to join the virtual red carpet, and experiment with fashion statements of your own, creating your personal avatar in this emerging tech platform. 

The PackPower Score leverages the world’s largest behavioral database of pack and shelf designs, through the application of AI using computer vision technology and historical sales data, to predict packs’ potential to drive sales at shelf. To learn more about the Score, you can visit this previous post, and a recent article published in Quirk’s.

Looking across the terrific designs in the PackPower Award gallery, key themes emerged:  

  • Packs with BOLD BRANDMARKS/BULLSEYE BRANDMARKS facilitate immediate attention and brand recognition; driving visual breakthrough both within pack (i.e., relative to other on-pack elements) and when in competitive context at shelf.
  • SEE THROUGH PACKAGING were particularly important for any food/beverage packs. They communicate appetite appeal and set quality/relevance expectations. As an additional benefit, clear, transparent, see-through packaging reassures product “safety”, often conveying that the product is tamper proof.  
  • ENLARGED VISUALS also show up as important elements in food products, providing connotation clues for attributes of taste and texture that are key to driving choice.
  • An ARCHITECTURE WHICH CAN CONTRIBUTE TO AN OPTIMAL VIEWING HIERARCHY is used across many of the packs in the gallery, leveraging well-thought element location and relative prominence vs. other pack elements to pull shoppers’ eyes to visual, brand and/or variant indicators as desired.
  • USING COLOR TO CATCH ATTENTION in a variety of ways, including unique color in category, and unique hues in and of themselves which can be “ownable” to brands, providing contrast at shelf that can lead to a shopper purchase.

These themes, among others, are talked about extensively in our Power of Packaging e-book, which you can download from our website. Our best-in-class behavioral approach for evaluating a pack’s potential to influence a sale are summed up in the e-book through the following 4S model:  


These pack design objectives, and the behavioral context for the evaluative metrics across all our solutions, ladder up to the most important metric of all: when a consumer chooses your product and makes a purchase transaction.  

Early in the new year, we will be releasing the second edition of the Power of Packaging e-book with an exciting added chapter on designing packaging and product assets for effective e-commerce conversion, so stay tuned.  

We hope you enjoy your visit to the PackPower Award Gallery, identified by the PackPower Score for their potential to influence sales at shelf. Let us know how we can help you design and measure the potential for your next winning packs to influence the most important in marketing: the purchase transaction!   


Matt Salem Circle Crop

Matt SalemSVP Customer Success, loves researching anything and everything – professionally and personally! As the host of Behaviorally’s Our Best Behavior podcast, he speaks with guests about a variety of topics tied to Driving Shopper Growth. Through the experience and perspective of various roles over 19+ years at Behaviorally, he excels at ensuring clients successfully uncover shopper insights.

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