Five Key Takeaways from Quirk's Dallas 2024

IMG_0929The Quirk's Dallas event unfolded over two days, February 28th and 29th. Attendees from various backgrounds, including seasoned veterans and newcomers, gathered to explore the latest trends and innovations in market research. With a diverse mix of industry experts, researchers, and marketers, the event provided invaluable insights and networking opportunities. Here are the key takeaways from this immersive experience:

AI is Everywhere: AI was a prevalent theme throughout the conference, with many presentations highlighting its integration into research methodologies. However, a common thread emerged – while AI accelerates the research process, there's a critical need for robust databases to fuel insights and build stronger predictive models. This has been a key focus for Behaviorally as we continue to build upon and leverage our advanced AI and generative techniques to not only expedite research but also enhance predictive capabilities, empowering our clients to make more confident and accurate decisions.

Being a Trusted Partner: The distinction between being a supplier and a trusted partner was emphasized in several discussions. Building long-term partnerships fosters trust and confidence, streamlining collaboration and eliminating the learning curve associated with onboarding new partners. At Behaviorally, we prioritize cultivating lasting relationships with our clients, serving as trusted allies in their journey to elevate their insights function and drive business growth through multifaceted insight initiatives.

Leveraging Distinctive Assets for Brand Building: Frito's panel discussion shed light on the power of leveraging distinctive brand assets for strategic brand building. By capitalizing on the unique orange dust associated with Cheetos, Frito innovatively expanded its snack product offerings, including Cheetos popcorn. This strategic move not only resonated with a broader demographic but also accelerated brand growth by staying true to the core elements that define and differentiate the brand.

Engaging Hard-to-Reach Consumers in Real-Time: John Deere's innovative approach to engaging farmers through SMS showcased the importance of reaching consumers in the moment. By leveraging mobile technology, John Deere effectively captured in-the-moment insights from farmers while they were actively engaged in their work, fostering a strong emotional connection and driving continuous innovation and communication efforts.

Navigating Emotion AI for Advertising Optimization: The exploration and use of AI for diagnosing advertising effectiveness have raised intriguing possibilities but highlighted challenges in driving meaningful changes to creative content, particularly at early stages. While visual presentations across sessions showcased the potential of measuring Emotion through AI solutions in a later stage or finished creative, there appears to be a gap in translating insights into actionable optimization strategies for upstream creative development. Testing more creative expressions of an advertising idea and ensure along the development process you are working with a winning idea that will capture the right desired emotions to drive business impact and attract new consumers to the brand.

IMG_0937At Behaviorally, we've harnessed AI and our expansive behavioral databases to revolutionize packaging and eCommerce image testing for our clients. This approach accelerates results, enhances agility, predicts success earlier, and enables testing of more ideas, delivering increased value in record time.

Quirk's Dallas 2024 equipped researchers and marketers with actionable strategies to elevate their practices and drive success in an ever-evolving industry. If you haven't attended a Quirk's event before, I highly recommend marking your calendar for the next one in your area. It's an excellent opportunity to stay updated on industry trends, network with peers, and gain valuable insights to enhance your research initiatives.

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Brent Snider Circle CropBrent Snider is the Managing Director of Global Business Development for Behaviorally, driving new vertical growth within Health & Well-Being, Technology, Retail and Alcohol vertical spaces and the larger commercial expansion efforts. He previously held Global Commercial roles at leading behavioral science led research companies. Across his more than 20 years of experience in market research, Brent remains passionate about putting behavioral science into practice, more accurately predicting business outcomes for clients and increasing speed and accuracy through tech enabled platforms + AI for better business outcomes.

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