Case Study: Eucerin®


Beiersdorf introduced new packaging for Eucerin hand and body lotion in 2017. Sales declines required research to understand whether the newly introduced packaging was the driver in worsening sales or if other factors beyond packaging were contributing.


Research showed that the newly launched design was well-received by consumers and was not the root cause of the worsening sales declines. The “soft” roll-out (i.e., having the old and new pack designs on shelf together during the transition) likely added more confusion for shoppers.


The decision was made to “stay the course” with the redesign based on these findings, and sales stabilized in 2018 before trending upward (reversing the market share decline). Additional research was conducted to further optimize the graphics, leading to improved sales (4.4% in 2019 and 7.8% in 2020).


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