Behaviorally Launches PackPower Score™

AI-Powered Sales Predictor

(New York City) Behaviorally announces the launch of the PackPower Score™, a one number predictor of the sales impact of new packaging designs. Fully integrated across Behaviorally’s market-leading suite of quantitative and qualitative pack testing products, the Score is powered by the combination of the world’s largest pack design database with over 32 million behavioral datapoints, image recognition AI, and in-market sales data.

Behaviorally applies a digital-first approach to insights, a unique behavioral framework, state-of-the-art AI technology, and decades of category expertise to define and diagnose the factors that influence human behavior to help brands achieve the most valuable moment in marketing: when a purchase transaction occurs.

From the packaging research market leaders, the PackPower Score supports prominent CPG brands by predicting the potential shift in sales as a result of packaging changes and provides the capability to benchmark new designs against competitors in any category, across any type of packaging research, in all studies. The tool leverages Behaviorally’s one-of-a-kind historical behavioral survey data and AI image recognition trained to look at a pack as a human eye would. The Score is integrated across Behaviorally’s digital solution product suite.

Chief Digital Officer, Sam Albert, said of the new offering Packaging can create a huge advantage for consumer goods brands and because of the PackPower Score, we now know that successful package changes can drive a lift in sales of more than 5%. We’re excited to integrate this summary metric, which executes on our vision to combine our behavioral database assets and AI, across Behaviorally’s portfolio of packaging research products. No matter the objectives being addressed, as we work for clients a clear prediction of in-market sales impact of packaging change can be provided alongside extensive competitive benchmarks, allowing them to move forward with confidence.”

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About Behaviorally: We are Behaviorally, The Transaction Experts. With decades of global experience and category expertise in consumer marketing insights, we apply our unique behavioral framework, cutting-edge AI technology, and a digital-first approach to help brands achieve the most valuable moment in marketing: when a purchase transaction occurs.

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