Sam Albert

Chief Digital Officer

With an impressive career spanning over two decades in the research industry, Sam assumes the vital role of Chief Digital Officer at Behaviorally. In this capacity, he takes charge of ensuring that the company is efficiently organized, aligned with the firm’s behavioral framework, and that digital operations support the overall business objectives consistent with the company vision.

Prior to his current position, Sam served as the Chief Operating Officer at PRS IN VIVO on a global scale. Before that, he spent eight years leading the Quantitative and Qualitative Research Teams in the Americas. His journey in the industry commenced as a Research Director at PRS IN VIVO’s predecessor, Perception Research Services. In this role, he successfully managed major client accounts, offering strategic guidance on research methodology, overseeing project implementation and execution, as well as interpreting research results.

Sam’s extensive experience and expertise in the field position him as a valuable asset to Behaviorally, where he leverages his deep understanding of research practices and digital operations to drive the company’s success.