Behaviorally: A Relentless Desire to Innovate for Customers’ Success

The GreenBook Business and Innovation Report launched today showcasing the Most Innovative Clients in the insights industry as well as the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers. The report derives its rankings from responses to the GRIT Survey taken earlier this year, completed by buyers and suppliers alike.

We’re honored that this year Behaviorally has landed in the Top 10 Most Innovative Suppliers. It’s a boost from our highest debut in 2021 so we’re headed in the right direction! Behaviorally was also identified as a GRIT Top Company in the following categories: #4 Strategic Consultancy, #7 Full Service Research Agency, and #12 Data and Analytics Provider. (Read the full GRIT Report here.)

When we relaunched Behaviorally (formerly PRS) in 2021, the team was determined to focus our efforts on how we’d support clients in the future: applying our behavioral model, developing our one-of-a-kind behavioral datasets, and combining both our knowledge and proprietary assets with the predictive possibilities of AI. We were also determined to leave behind the tired debates and methods of the past. We knew we had to earn the right to support clients along their growth journey in the future and to do so, innovation would be tablestakes.

That’s why it was so special this morning to read this quote in GRIT report recognizing the amazing work completed by the Behaviorally team: “Innovative approach to package design, took an outdated in person model and moved it to digital in a dynamic way”. I’d like to thank all the team members that embraced innovation, as well as those clients who co-created with us! Change isn’t easy but the alternative is worse…

The report also confirmed that the insights industry must focus on growth outcomes to remain relevant, something we’ve always held true here at Behaviorally. It’s why we’ve positioned ourselves as The Transaction Experts: dedicated to building and ensuring our clients’ brands and products are bought at the moment of purchase transaction. This is the most important moment in marketing and when true value is created.  Our commentary, “Business First: Again” within the report highlights this important key topic: “We can only claim value as suppliers if we innovate to influence consumer behavior in a way aligned with the growth objectives of client brands.” (Read the full commentary here.)

Congratulations to all the winners, clients and suppliers, alike who ranked in the GRIT Top 50. Here’s to the journey ahead and to more collaboration and innovation, it’s an exciting time to be in the insights industry!


Alex Hunt

Alex Hunt, is a recognized pioneer in the practical application of behavioral science to shopper marketing in order to help clients develop consumer experiences that drive business growth. Prior to his role as CEO of Behaviorally, Alex served as global CEO of PRS IN VIVO, having joined the firm in October 2018.

Before joining PRS IN VIVO, Alex spent a decade building System1 Research (formerly BrainJuicer). Latterly, leading client-facing teams across 14 global offices as well as serving as an Executive Director of the System1 Group PLC Board.

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