Welcome to 2022

This is a momentous year for us here at Behaviorally! First, we are celebrating 50 years of understanding human behavior since our company was established in 1972. Second, we are also celebrating our first year as Behaviorally, having re-launched in January 2021, as we pursue our renewed mission to be the global number one for helping manufacturers drive shopper growth at both the digital and physical shelf.

To commemorate our two major milestones, we are excited to share our e-book guide of best practices for packaging design: “The Power of Packaging to Drive Shopper Growth”.  This comprehensive e-book has been compiled based on what we have observed across the 30,000+ package design options we’ve tested, among more than 18m consumers, over five decades.

We hope you and your teams find this compendium of learning both inspirational and practical. We’re passionate about the power of packaging to drive shopper growth and we know you are too!

Contact us if you would like to learn more about the learnings and principles found in our e-book. Also, if you missed it, here are our 3 predictions for 2022.

Here’s to a great future, together!


Alex Hunt is a recognized pioneer in the practical application of behavioral science to shopper marketing in order to help clients develop consumer experiences that drive business growth. Prior to his role as CEO of Behaviorally, Alex served as global CEO of PRS IN VIVO, having joined the firm in October 2018.

Before joining PRS IN VIVO, Alex spent a decade building System1 Research (formerly BrainJuicer). Latterly, leading clients facing teams across 14 global offices as well as serving as an Executive Director of the System1 Group PLC Board. 

Connect with him on LinkedIn. 

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