Quickly & Easily Turn Data into Actionable & Useful Insights by Combining Methodologies 

Recently, a meme popped up on my LinkedIn feed that I know resonates strongly with our customers (see image on the right) as many of my colleagues at GreenBook’s IIEX North America heard one of our clients express loudly about working with suppliers their frustrations, “I don’t want DIY! I’m busy enough as is. You’re the experts. You tell me what we should do.”

Without experts, data is just data. It’s a clutter of information that needs to then be sorted, arranged, presented, and turned into a story that provides the customer actionable (and especially useful) next steps to sell to their key stakeholders within the company. We have said this in the past, but it is worth reiterating: brands are spending trillions of dollars on marketing but none of it matters until a purchase transaction takes place. That is the moment in which value is created. Therefore, it’s imperative for brands to have real partners at their side to help them look good and to realize that most critical point where marketing value is created.  

Our PackFlash® online validation research provides pack testing utilizing our extensive and proprietary norms to see where your pack stands at shelf, against competitors, and as well as an individual evaluation of the pack. Our insights experts help weave the data into a story that you can turn into actionable results. Sometimes however, it’s helpful to get a deeper dive into that data. That is when Qual Connects could be included into any PackFlash study. 

Qual Connects are a perfect addition to any level of our PackFlash online pack validation methodology that provides a seamlessly integrated report blending both methodologies to showcase the best of market research. By incorporating Qual Connects into online research, customers get a deeper dive into the consumer insights, to get the emotions and rationalizations behind the shopper opinions. Together, we deliver actionable results grounded in behavioral science with a unique behavioral framework to ensure your pack is Seen, Shoppable, Seductive, and ultimately, Selected.  

Even further, Qual Connects are completed from the comfort of the respondent’s home. It allows our customers to reach consumers across regions across the US and globally. As the digital-first partners, we also understand the importance of how packs look in an e-commerce setting, not only in physical retail spaces as your brand now has to compete in an omnichannel shopper journey. Qual Connects and our team of in-house expert pack moderators help dive into the specifics of design elements and explore the motivational drivers that help influence consumers to make the decisions they do at the shelf and online with packaging. 

With the integration of Qual Connects, we can get a deeper dive of consumer behaviors and help further tell the full story behind the data. This is ideal for customers who need a quick turnaround but still want a fuller story and more key actionable insights on steps they need to take to sell the findings to their stakeholders based on real consumer behavior and sentiment. This combination of PackFlash online research and Qual Connects help answer essential questions to give you a clear direction for future business decisions.  

Contact us today to inquire about our PackFlash suite of services paired with Qual Connects so you can own the most valuable moment in marketing: when a sales transaction occurs! 


Mattison Touzeau is an Insights Associate at Behaviorally and enjoys applying her background in psychology to the consumer insights space. She loves exploring different shopper categories and uncovering new learnings. Outside of work she loves to run and travel whenever she can and is working on visiting all 50 states. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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