Join the We Better Behave! Movement at IIEX Europe 2022

Join the We Better Behave! Movement at GreenBook’s IIEX Europe 2022 on June 22nd in Amsterdam where we’re bringing you a full track on empowering insights to be a leader in creating a sustainable future.

In partnership with Protobrand, we have 4 unique sessions on the Blue Stage including:

Why Sustainability? Why Now?

Speakers include: Dr. Christian Niederauer (Global Head of Insights, Colgate-Palmolive), Michael Swaisland (Head of Insights & Analytics EMEA, Mattel), & Andrea Gonçalves da Silva (Senior Market Intelligence Manager, Philips) with Anders Bengtsson (Founder, Protobrand) & Christian Dössel (Senior Vice President, Behaviorally)

To open the We Better Behave! Sustainability track, we are joined by Colgate-Palmolive, Mattel, and Philips in this panel session to discuss the business importance of sustainability, why it is imperative that we discuss sustainability, and how the insights community can do their part.

Being Sustainable & Living a Good Life: Can this Unite?

Speakers include: Ed Taborda (Global Head of Insights, Electrolux) & Ann Martynova (Research Manager and Analyst, Protobrand)

Companies realise the inevitable shift towards sustainability, often expected and demanded by the consumers nowadays. Yet, choosing services and products that help to achieve a more sustainable life often require a change in consumption habits first. Change can be slow and difficult because consumers are reluctant to compromise on aspects that they have come to appreciate as a way of living a good life. In this presentation we’ll discuss how Electrolux is uniting sustainability and the good life in order to change the world to a better place.

3 Pillars for Brands to Chart a New Course Towards Sustainability

Speakers include: Monica Tenorio (Vice President, Insights & Analytics, PepsiCo) & Crispin Beale (Group President, Behaviorally)

In this fireside chat, Monica Tenorio (VP, Insights & Analytics) of PepsiCo Europe sits down in a fireside chat with Crispin Beale (Group President) of Behaviorally to discuss the pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) program that is driving a more positive change including how they source their ingredients, make and sell products, and inspire consumers through their brands. The program includes these 3 pillars:

1. Positive Agriculture+ to source crops and ingredients in methods that restore the earth and strengthen farming communities
2. Positive Value Chain+ to help build a circular and inclusive value chain
3. Positive Choices+ to inspire consumers through their brands to make choices that are more positive for them – and the planet

Looking at the Future of Sustainability

Speakers include: Stephen Donajgrodzki (Director Behavioral Science, Kellogg’s), Philippe Coquelle (Head of Insights, Europe, Barilla), Alex Peters (Global Insights Lead Purpose, Reckitt), and Jennifer Picard (Head of Center of Excellence for Mix Optimization – Global Consumer Insights, Pernod-Ricard) with Anders Bengtsson (Founder, Protobrand) & Christian Dössel (Senior Vice President, Behaviorally)

In this final session of the We Better Behave! Sustainability track, our panelists from Kellogg’s, Barilla, Reckitt, and Pernod-Ricard discuss the next steps insights professionals need to help accelerate a more sustainable future and trends that they are seeing in the marketplace.

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