Behaviorally’s Global Insights Academy

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What is it?

As the leading transaction experts, Behaviorally is rooted in a strong foundation of growth and providing engaging opportunities to learn. During July of 2022, Behaviorally launched a 3 year, hands-on program for associates and analysts centered around internal training and mentorship called the Global Insights Academy (GIA). The program highlights multiple facets of the market research industry regarding digital and behavioral science to encourage associates to expand their knowledge on AI, big data, machine learning, e-commerce, and more. It is an opportunity centered around the individuals in the academy and their professional development while making strong connections with other members and mentors/leaders in the company.

Who is in it?

The first cohort is made up of all current US Behaviorally Insights Associates. In the program we have been paired into teams, consisting of a fellow associate and a mentor who is at the Director/VP level. Each team meets with their mentor every week to ask questions and talk about all things in relation to career development and Behaviorally. This allows entry-level associates to have a space for open communication and opportunities to build connections with leaders at Behaviorally.

What has been done / learned to date?

Since the launch of the program in July, the Global Insights Academy members have taken a deep dive into multiple aspects of business operations ran by leaders in the company who specialize in different areas. This incorporates consistent, interactive trainings tailored to each department for the first 4 weeks. It consists of both remote and in-person training for programming, field, studio & PM, global network, proposal design, and report design. After each training is completed, each team will be combined with another team in the academy to gain a greater understanding of the industry through trainings surrounding finance, competitive landscape, account management, and pitching a new business.

Along with a variety of educational trainings, the Global Insights Academy had the chance to partner with Habitat for Humanity in Teaneck, New Jersey where GIA members were accompanied by CEO Alex Hunt to spend a day renovating a house, doing different jobs such as painting, installing cabinets, and building stairs. This was a great opportunity to not only connect with team members in-person, but to also give back to the community. Like working with a team on research projects, collaborating on different renovation tasks with colleagues allowed members to use their talents in a way that will benefit those around us!

What’s next?

Beginning in November, the members will begin to understand the comprehensive and interactive guide to social media and its value, followed by behavioral framework growth and course modules. In February, the Academy will switch gears to focus on client development training, industry events, and developing international mentors.

In the second year of the Global Insights Academy, individuals will be given the option to progress further in their professional development. This includes the opportunity of spending up to 3 months working in one of our many global offices, leading projects for global clients (pitching, report design, and presentation), obtaining a credited entry-level certification from an industry leading organization, and enrolling in education sessions across a variety of sectors. This will be paired with social media and behavioral science modules to hone in on multiple professional skills, and will also present opportunities for international mentors. Overall, GIA members will be able to expand their professional and interpersonal knowledge to excel in the future.

If you’re interested in joining Behaviorally and the Global Insights Academy, contact us today!


Krystal Beltran, is an Insights Associate at Behaviorally applying her love of cosmetics, experience in retail, and education in Psychology to the consumer insights space. She enjoys telling stories with data to optimize the shopper experience. Outside of work, she loves visiting coffee shops, listening to beauty podcasts, and hanging out with her dogs. Connect with her on LinkedIn!

Jordan Dryfhout, is an Insights Associate at Behaviorally applying her background in communications and journalism to the consumer insights space. She loves being able to see how the psychology of behavioral science and artificial intelligence tools come together to problem solve for brands. In her free time, she enjoys playing sand volleyball, reading, and going to concerts. Connect with her on LinkedIn!

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