Behaviorally Launches PackPath™ Qualitative Suite

Driving More Valuable Transactions for our Customers with Proven Qualitative Expertise and Industry Leading AI Technology

(New York City) Behaviorally is pleased to announce today the launch of their PackPath™ qualitative suite. Behaviorally applies a digital-first approach to insights, a unique behavioral framework, state-of-the-art AI technology and decades of category expertise to define and diagnose the factors that influence human behavior to help brands achieve the most valuable moment in marketing: when a purchase transaction occurs.

PackPath supplements Behaviorally’s industry-leading and proven qualitative expertise with real-time insights derived from the world’s largest behavioral pack design database and infused with Behaviorally’s proprietary, AI-powered PackPower Score to predict the potential of pack designs to grow in-market sales for brands and products. PackPath allows for qualitative work amongst consumers to be conducted either in-person, in Behaviorally’s ShopperLab® facilities, online, or in the metaverse.

The PackPath product suite is an early diagnosis tool for pack designs that includes three steps to provide informed business decisions: On Your Mark!, Get Set!!, and Go!!! The first, On Your Mark!, helps clients understand the current category and competition. Get Set!! tests the pack designs during the exploration process. Lastly, Go!!!, brings the final pack design options into the category to understand how they perform in a shopping scenario, what pack elements need optimization, and which pack designs can be moved into the validation stage.

Vice President and Head of Behavioral Qualitative, Sheryl Brie, said of the new product stack, “Our vision at Behaviorally is to be relentlessly future-focused. We are excited to announce the launch of PackPath today, a qualitative research process that combines proven, tried-and-true methods with the latest innovations to bring insights to the next level for our clients. By incorporating our industry standard PackPower Score into qualitative work, we can guide our clients towards success with confidence and ease, giving them the proper tools to own the most valuable moment in marketing: the sales transaction.”

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About Behaviorally: We are Behaviorally, The Transaction Experts. With decades of global experience and category expertise in consumer marketing insights, we apply our unique behavioral framework, cutting-edge AI technology, and a digital-first approach to help brands achieve the most valuable moment in marketing: when a purchase transaction occurs.

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