3 E-Books to Own the Most Valuable Moment in Marketing

In the fast-paced world of insights, staying ahead of the curve requires not only innovation but also a deep understanding of consumer dynamics and market trends. Our comprehensive eBook collection offers you valuable insights into three crucial aspects of the retail landscape: packaging, shopper behavior, and digital retail. With over 50 years of best practice learning, built upon our 35,000 strong design idea database that has been tested among over 18 million consumers, our eBooks stand as a beacon of industry expertise and a gateway to unparalleled insights:

Power-of-Packaging-Edition-2-Raised-Cover1. The Power of Packaging to Drive Shopper Growth

With a legacy spanning over half a century, our eBook “The Power of Packaging to Drive Shopper Growth” encapsulates decades of industry expertise and best practices. Drawing from a vast repository of 35,000 design ideas tested on an immense audience of over 18 million consumers, this eBook is your roadmap to crafting packaging that resonates.

Our recently released revised edition, available in English, German, and French, goes a step further by introducing a bonus chapter on mastering packaging design for eCommerce. In an era where online shopping is reshaping the retail landscape, this addition is a game-changer. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding startup, the insights and practical advice offered here are invaluable.

Shopper-Sparks2. Shopper Sparks: Insights to Ignite Desired Shopper Behaviors

“Shopper Sparks” is more than just an eBook. It’s a valuable resource of behavioral insights drawn from an in-depth analysis of 18 million shopper behaviors and 36 million ‘new retail’ journeys across diverse channels. Through 200+ studies, we’ve distilled the essence of these findings into a report that answers seven pivotal business questions.

Are you curious about the touchpoints that wield influence over shoppers? Wondering about the motivations that drive their missions in the retail space? Curious over how shoppers navigate choices and make selections? “Shopper Sparks” answers these questions and more. From enhancing product visibility to understanding purchase drivers, this eBook equips you with the insights needed to steer shopper behaviors in your favor.

Digital Retail Pain Points-Raised Cover3. Digital Retail Can Be a Real Challenge: Ten E-commerce Pain Points We Can Help You Overcome

In the age of digital commerce, managing product information is a challenge that demands attention. Our “Digital Retail Pain Points” eBook shines a spotlight on this critical aspect of the retail journey. We understand that product images are the linchpin of digital sales, and our eBook outlines the hurdles you might encounter on your digital shelf.

This eBook isn’t just about identifying the obstacles; it’s about providing you with actionable solutions. We know ensuring that your brand’s content on the digital shelf is correct, compliant, and engaging is a huge, ongoing challenge. By leveraging the learnings in this eBook, you can transform your digital retail experience and ensure that your product images entice and engage shoppers, ultimately driving conversions.

This collection of eBooks offer a holistic view of the retail landscape, covering packaging excellence, understanding shopper behavior, and conquering the digital realm. Whether you’re a brand looking to revamp your packaging strategy, a marketer seeking to decode shopper psychology, or an online retailer aiming to optimize your digital presence, our eBooks provide the insights and tools you need to succeed. Embrace the knowledge within and embark on a journey to own the most valuable moment in marketing, the transaction.

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