Develop More Effective Pack Designs to Own the Most Valuable Moment in Marketing: the Sales Transaction

The Right Research Plans Lead to Better Results

Behaviorally’s proven qualitative methodologies and industry-leading AI-powered innovations, PackPath helps clients achieve better insights. This includes:  

  • A simple three step model: 
    1. On Your Mark! Understand the current category and competition within a shelf context to establish a baseline and help inform the design brief
    2. Get Set!! Test and learn about the pack designs being explored to help guide decision-making
    3. Go!!! Brings the final design options into the category and understand how the designs perform in a shopping scenario to decide which pack designs move forward into the validation stage and what aspects need optimization
  • Fully integrated PackPower Score™, an AI-powered one number sales predictor and ability to benchmark against competitors, within each step of the product stack
  • Conducted either in-person, in Behaviorally’s ShopperLab® facilities, online, or in the metaverse

PackPath Case Studies

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