Designing Premium Yet Sustainable Packs

There are many examples of refining a pack by using different printing techniques or technology such as relief, gravure, and embossing. Read Christian Dössel’s blog as he discusses ways to ensure your pack is hitting all the marks that lead to the most valuable moment in marketing.

Newsletter: Introducing the Total Category AI Model

This month, our eFluence™ team is pleased to introduce a new feature to help you quickly assess your digital shelf images to maximize conversion, case studies on influencing the omnichannel shopper journey, and more insights.

Priming for Prime Day

Amazon’s Prime Day is set to happen in July but are your images ready to maximize and convert sales on the digital shelf? Find out how to succeed in this latest blog post.

“How” We Do “What” We Do

Office Meeting in Conference Room: Specialist with Short Pink Hair Talks about Firm Strategy with Diverse Team of Professional Businesspeople.

In this blog post, Adam Overell (Chief People Officer) shares the 4 Pillars of Foundational Values that help global team member manifest their roles.

Outtakes From Quirk’s Chicago 2022

Double exposure of abstract virtual technology hologram on Chicago city skyscrapers background.

Ruben Nazario (VP of Digital Shopper Innovation) and Cliff Kane (SVP of Market Development) share their biggest takeaways from Quirk’s Chicago.

How to Measure Innovation in MRX

In this blog post, Crispin Beale (Group President) answers the question on everyone’s mind, “How do you measure innovation in market research?”