Metrics that Matter: Evaluating Innovation in MRX

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The insights industry is a dynamic ecosystem, characterised by a diverse array of tech providers and insights leaders. These industry experts bring their unique expertise to the table, shaping the way we understand consumer behaviour and market trends.

As consumers embrace new ways to shop and buy products across digital and physical retail channels, it becomes crucial to recognise the pivotal moment when a purchase is made. That is the reason we here at Behaviorally invest so heavily in our unique behavioural framework of Benefits and Barriers. We believe fundamentally all consumer research needs to serve the singular objective of identifying behaviours that will lead to the most important moment in marketing: the purchase transaction. Agencies that fail to understand the simplicity of that objective will fail to create innovative products and services that help clients achieve sustainable, predictable growth.

In this context, initiatives like the GRIT Business & Innovation Report by GreenBook play a vital role in measuring and celebrating the efforts made to achieve this most important moment. This report offers a holistic view of the industry, providing deep insights into current trends, challenges, and opportunities. By delving into the report, industry professionals gain a deeper understanding of the innovative strategies and practices that fuel success in the rapidly evolving insights landscape.

Behaviorally is proud to have achieved the highest debut in the Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2021’s report despite rebranding earlier that year. We followed that up by moving into the Top 10 last year. We suspect that the reason so many clients, colleagues, and suppliers ranked us highly on the innovation metric has been our relentless commitment to improving our solutions to drive real client value by constantly introducing new solutions and building upon the ones we currently offer (including new innovations in the last year such as PackPower Score™, TransactionPath™, and PackPath™).

At Behaviorally, our innovations stem from a combination of our unique behavioural framework, legacy of expertise, and advanced AI image recognition technology. By leveraging these elements, we tap into our expansive database to deliver normative and predictive shopper marketing KPIs. Our goal is to rank highly amongst industry leaders, but more importantly, we strive to provide the value and insights our clients depend on to succeed. Ultimately, our focus is on delivering tangible value to our clients, helping them navigate an ever-changing marketplace and achieve sustainable success.

We strongly encourage all individuals and organisations that embody the essence of innovation, or those who know of agencies and brands that do, to actively participate in the GRIT survey. It is imperative that the industry hears from all of us, as our collective voices play a vital role in identifying exceptional agencies and brands that raise the performance standards and inspire us to continuously enhance the value we deliver, enabling clients to maximise the returns on their marketing investments. Together, we can drive the industry forward and shape a future of unparalleled value creation.

I urge clients, colleagues, suppliers and even our competitors to work with all the members of your teams to contribute to this important survey.

Join us as we explore the dynamic world of insights and discover how you can make a difference by participating in the GRIT survey.


Crispin Beale is the Group President at Behaviorally, leading the Managing Director teams and championing clients globally. He is also the CEO of Insight250 and a strategic advisor to mTab. Crispin has been a Board Director (and Chairman) of the Market Research Society for over 15 years and UK ESOMAR Representative for nearly a decade. He has been a pioneer in the use of tech and AI. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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