Join Us at Chair Club in the Jing’an District of Shanghai and Turbo Charge Your Insights with AI

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北京时间 3:00 pm

Chair Club



Sandeep Das






本次精彩的“AI赋能,洞察加速!”研讨会的完整议程公布如下。该免费活动将于 8 月 3 日在上海静安区的“Chair Club”举行。

  • 欢迎词 —— Behaviorally 首席执行官 Alex Hunt
  • 人工智能在营销和消费者洞察领域的未来 —— 主讲人 Sandeep Das,玛氏箭牌全球新兴国家前瞻研究负责人 
    Sandeep Das 领导玛氏箭牌的全球新兴国家前瞻研究部门,负责确定未来的商业模式和机会。 他在管理咨询领域拥有十多年的经验,为自己的角色带来了丰富的专业知识。 此外,Sandeep 还是一位颇有成就的作家,成功撰写了四本书籍,包括他最新的畅销书《如何讲述商业故事:增强你的影响和作用力》
  • 商业环境中的人工智能开发 —— Adrian Sanger,Behaviorally eFluence 人工智能解决方案副总裁
  • 茶歇
  • 生成式人工智能和图像分析在消费者洞察中的作用 —— Behaviorally 亚洲区总经理Nichole Gu
  • 圆桌讨论 ——
    方军 数见咨询创始人及首席咨询师  
    方军是中国消费者洞察、分析和营销数字化领域的领军人物,在亚洲乃至全球亦具有相当行业影响力。 在联合利华中国,他建立了强大的消费者与市场洞察部门,并领导了数字化转型和创新。 凭借近三十年的经验,他获得了众多荣誉,尤其是 2022 年 ESOMAR 全球洞察创新领袖 250 强 (Insight250) 、和 2021 年 GMTIC 数字营销年度人物奖。 方军其他的工作经历包括宝洁中国、通用磨坊全球总部 、阿里巴巴集团CMO特别助理等。
    孙方超 明略集团高级副总裁及秒针社媒营销产品线负责人
    孙方超是明略集团的高级副总裁,负责秒针的社媒营销产品线。在业务、产品和工程方面的丰富知识和专业度,使得他拥有独特的视角,并推动行业内的创新和增长。 他充满活力的思维和丰富的经验为明略集团在社媒营销产品领域的探索和进步做出了重大贡献。
    Adrian Sanger,Behaviorally eFluence 人工智能解决方案副总裁
  • 总结 —— Behaviorally 亚洲区总经理Nichole Gu
  • 茶歇

August 3

3:00 pm CST

Chair Club

Building No. 555 Haifang Road
(Near Yuyao Road)

Jing’an District

Sandeep Das

Global Foresight Lead,
Emerging Countries,
Mars Wrigley

Fang Jun

Founder and Chief Consultant,
Management Consulting

Sun Fangchao

SVP, Mininglamp Corp.
Social Marketing Products Lead, Miaozhen

Our full agenda is now available for our incredible complimentary event that will turbo-charge your insights with AI being held on August 3rd at Chair Club in the Jing’an District of Shanghai.

  • Welcome from Alex Hunt, CEO, Behaviorally
  • Future of AI in Marketing and Insights from keynote speaker Sandeep Das, Global Foresight Lead, Emerging Countries, Mars Wrigley
    Sandeep Das leads Global Foresight for Emerging Countries for Mars Wrigley, where he is tasked with identifying future business models and opportunities. With over a decade of experience in management consulting, he brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Additionally, Sandeep is an accomplished writer, having authored four successful books, including his latest best-seller, ‘How Business Storytelling Works: Increase Your Influence and Impact’.
  • AI Development in the Business Landscape from Adrian Sanger, VP, AI Solutions, eFluence by Behaviorally
  • Networking Break
  • Role of Generative AI and Image Analytics in Insights from Nichole Gu, Managing Director, Asia, Behaviorally
  • Roundtable Discussion:
    Fang Jun, Founder and Chief Consultant, NuVision Management Consulting
    Fang Jun is an eminent figure in China’s consumer insights, analysis, and marketing digitalization landscape, wielding significant industry influence in both Asia and the global arena. In Unilever China, he established a powerful Consumer & Market Insight department (CMI) and led the digital transformation and innovation. With almost three decades of experience, Fang Jun has been honored with numerous accolades, notably the 2022 ESOMAR Global Insight Innovation Leaders 250 (Insight250) and the 2021 GMTIC Digital Marketing Person of the Year awards. Fang Jun’s other work experience includes Procter & Gamble China, General Mills Global Headquarters, Alibaba Group CMO Special Assistant.
    Sun Fangchao, SVP, Mininglamp Corp. & Social Marketing Products Lead, Miaozhen
    Sun Fangchao is a Senior Vice President at Mininglamp Corp. and serves as the Social Marketing Products Lead at Miaozhen. With a wealth of expertise in business, product, and engineering, Sun Fangchao brings a unique perspective to his role, driving innovation and growth within the industry. His dynamic thinking and extensive experience have contributed significantly to the success of Mininglamp Corp.’s ventures and advancements in the realm of social marketing products.
    Adrian Sanger, VP, AI Solutions, eFluence by Behaviorally
  • Wrap Up from Nichole Gu, Managing Director, Asia, Behaviorally
  • Networking Break

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