Join Us Virtually and In-Person This Autumn

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Do not miss the Behaviorally team as we present at these in-person and virtual conferences throughout the fall including:

  • September 20 at GroceryShop in Las Vegas, Jola Burnett (Vice President) will be on Track 1 at 9 am PDT for a rapid-fire panel discussion about “Deciphering New Consumer Behaviors”.

  • September 22 at ESOMAR Insights Festival, Sam Albert (Chief Digital Officer) will be presenting virtually with Colgate-Palmolive’s Kalindi Mehta (Head of Insights & Analytics, NA) on “Tech Tools Tips & Tricks” at 1:30 pm CEST to present a Case Study utilizing our Flash.AI™ solution.

  • October 20 at Insights Association’s CRC Event, Cliff Kane (Vice President) will be taking the stage at 2:10 pm CDT in Dallas to present a case study on “How to Influence Consumer Behavior at Shelf”.

  • October 27, Behaviorally is joining forces with Maru, Opinium, and Protobrand for We Better Behave!, a one-day virtual event bringing sustainability experts and insights professionals together for engaging conversations that lead to action. There is no Planet B. So, join the We Better Behave! Movement today!

  • November at MRS Sustainability Summit – More details to come

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