Embracing the Future of Market Research: 3 Learnings That Will Elevate Your Research from Quirk’s New York 2023

The Quirk’s Event in New York 2023 spanned over two summer days in the city – July 19th and 20th. On the first day, Dan Quirk, shared the success of this event with a LinkedIn post mentioning that it had the most attendees of any previous Quirk’s events. Whether a frequent attendee or a first timer like me, you found individuals from all different types of positions in market research there! The event brought together industry experts, researchers, and marketers to discuss the latest trends and innovations in market research. With an extensive agenda featuring diverse topics, here are 3 key learnings from the perspective of a first-time attendee:

1. Embracing AI and Technology in Market Research

One recurring theme throughout the event was the increasing role of AI and technology in market research. Several sessions highlighted how AI-powered tools can optimize survey experiences, improve data quality, and streamline insights generation. Numerous companies showcased how AI can be integrated into the researcher’s toolbox to deliver more impactful results and qualitative insights. Despite numerous companies sharing similar knowledge, many attendees stopped at our booth to commend Nisha Yadav (SVP, Behaviorally) and Jaz Foster (Consumer Insights Manager, Colgate-Palmolive) on their session, “Unleash the Power of AI and Let’s Transform the Industry”! Overall, attendees learned that embracing AI is essential for staying competitive and gaining a deeper understanding of consumers in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

If you missed the session, read Nisha and Adrian’s blog post here!

2. Elevating Consumer-Centric Strategies through Insights

A significant focus of the event was on putting the consumers at the center of strategies. Brands like Bacardi, The Hershey Company, and Gatorade shared their success stories of leveraging AI, human expertise, and behavioral research to create consumer-centric marketing campaigns and product innovations. They emphasized the importance of understanding consumer behaviors, preferences, and needs to build authentic connections and deliver meaningful experiences.

At Behaviorally, the consumers are at the heart of our research. We make sure to instill consumer-centric strategies through the research process to ensure our clients’ success is reflective of their consumers preferences and behaviors. Contact us today to see how we can help your brand understand consumer behaviors and build authentic connections!

3. Diversity and Inclusion in Market Research

The event also addressed the importance of inclusivity in market research. Companies like Warner Bros Discovery and Verizon shared insights into reaching multicultural audiences and making research more accessible for people with disabilities. Presenters discussed the value of incorporating cultural context and understanding diverse consumer groups to avoid alienating specific demographics and create relevant marketing campaigns.

As a first attendee, it was clear that the event provided invaluable insights into the world of market research. Attendees learned about the transformative power of AI, the importance of consumer-centric strategies, the necessity of diversity and inclusion in market research and more. The event showcased that the future of market research lies in embracing technological advancements, valuing consumers’ voices, and fostering a more inclusive research landscape. The Quirk’s Event in New York 2023 left researchers and marketers with tips on how to elevate their practices and drive success in a rapidly evolving industry. If you have not attended a Quirk’s event before, I recommend going to the next one in your area. It’s a great event to stay up to date with the latest trends in market research and network.

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Melissa Villafana is an Insights Analyst at Behaviorally based in New York City. Her expertise lies in connecting psychology and behavioral neuroscience to the consumer insights space. Lover of the human brain – you can ask her for fun facts that are sure to spark your curiosity of the brain! During her spare time, you can find her spending time with family and friends, exercising, or working on a new painting. Connect with her on LinkedIn.


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