Decoding LatAm Consumer Behavior: A Deep Dive Webinar Series

Behaviorally is excited to announce a brand-new webinar series that we believe will greatly benefit your understanding of the Latin American consumer landscape: “Decoding LatAm Consumer Behavior: A Deep Dive Webinar Series”.

Embark on an illuminating exploration of Latin American consumer behavior. Our upcoming 4-part webinar series delves deep into the intricate world of consumer preferences and decision-making processes within the dynamic Latin American market.


LatAm Webinar Series - Episode 1Episode 1: AI

Wednesday, October 4
9 am Mexico   |   11 am EDT   |   12 pm Brazil

Uncover the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in understanding and predicting LatAm consumer behavior. Dive into the world of data-driven insights and discover how AI technologies can revolutionize your business strategies for this diverse market.

LatAm Webinar Series (5)Episode 2: Path to Purchase
Wednesday, October 11
9 am Mexico   |   11 am EDT   |   12 pm Brazil

Navigate the intricate journey that LatAm consumers take from initial consideration to the final purchase. Explore key touchpoints, decision influencers, and consumer touchpoints that shape the path to purchase in this dynamic region.

LatAm Webinar Series (8)Episode 3: Sustainability
Wednesday, October 18
9 am Mexico   |   11 am EDT   |   12 pm Brazil

Gain insights into the growing importance of sustainability in LatAm consumer choices. Discover how eco-consciousness is reshaping the market and learn strategies to align your brand with the values of environmentally conscious LatAm consumers.

LatAm Webinar Series (6)Episode 4: Pack Design Testing
Wednesday, October 25
9 am Mexico   |   11 am EDT   |   12 pm Brazil

Explore the vital role of package design and testing in capturing the attention of LatAm consumers. Understand the significance of packaging in conveying brand messages and ensuring product appeal within the regional context.

Our webinar series features a lineup of seasoned experts and industry leaders who will share their expertise and real-world experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned business professional or a newcomer eager to unlock the potential of the LatAm market, this webinar series provides an invaluable toolkit for success.
If you have any questions or want to learn more, please contact us. We look forward to having you join us for this exciting journey into the world of Latin American consumer behavior!

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