Cheers to an Incredible 2023!

I wrote last week of the growth 2024 will bring for both Behaviorally and the insights industry at large: that is if we are bold enough to embrace the opportunity AI presents and transform ourselves, how we do what we do, and the value we drive. But before we leap into what will be another exciting year, there are a few words left to say about 2023 as another trip around the sun draws to a close.

First, a huge THANK YOU to every one of Behaviorally’s customers. At the beginning of 2023, we set about harvesting the substantial investment we’d made in opening offices around the world, seeking to partner globally with all the brands we’re privileged to serve. At the end of 2023, it’s clear those investments in our global customer partnerships have been rewarded. We’ve seen substantial growth in every one of our global offices throughout 2023 and look forward to continuing to partner with each of our clients in 2024.

Second, in equal measure, sincere appreciation must be expressed to all Behaviorally Customer Success Team Members located across our 13 global offices. Work from our team members, both longstanding and new, and from the launch of our PackPath product that kicked off the new year through to the recent PackPower Awards showcased in Q4, has reinforced the domain leadership position that Behaviorally holds when it comes to providing data-driven insights for the most important moment in marketing: when a purchase transaction takes place.

And finally, many businesses are made up of heroes who make it all happen. At Behaviorally, these are found in our Digital Operations and Support Teams. Because of the enhancements we’ve delivered in our internal capabilities, we start 2024 with the infrastructure of a best-in-class data intelligence provider, capacity to grow sustainably both around the world and into several new verticals, as well as a data-enabled product development pipeline that seizes upon the opportunities 2024 will present. And at the same time, we’ve together made a difference in the place it truly matters, our community.

Whether you are a Behaviorally customer, team member, stakeholder or friend, THANKS for your support during a successful 2023. We’re excited for 2024 and know that you are too!


Based in New York, Alex Hunt is the CEO of Behaviorally. He is a recognized pioneer in the practical application of behavioral science to shopper marketing to help clients realize the most valuable moment in marketing: when a sales transaction occurs. Alex is acknowledged as an industry thought leader and a regular contributor to industry events as an advocate for the power of consumer insights to fuel commercial growth. Follow Alex on Twitter @AlexHunt84 or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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