Case Study: Ragú Double Cheddar


Mizkan Americas encountered a challenge in 2020 keeping up with a demand on its white sauces. The team took a bold approach to solving the problem with the goal of transitioning their Double Cheddar to a Tetra Pak. Qualitative research was conducted that allowed shoppers to interact with actual packaging.


Research revealed that most consumers were accepting of the change but optimizations could improve the transition and address some shortcomings. Behaviorally offered recommendations to clarify expectations of the contents inside while delivering strong taste perceptions.


The change over from bottle to Tetra Pack is exceeding internal expectations. This courageous move is pushing pack evolution in a category that is historically anchored in glass or PET. The change may pave the way for similar changes in the category which could have longer term benefits as well in terms of lighter weight, easier for shipping, and being less breakable.



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