Case Study: Pitmaster LT's


Pitmaster LT’s focus is on establishing a long-term vision and strategy, focusing primarily on its packaging and branding. While products offer a unique benefit to the category, there is room to establish clear messaging and branding to the Pitmaster LT’s portfolio.


Pack.AI™ identified opportunities to strengthen visual equities for the design brief. Qualitative interviews provided consumer feedback, in-shelf context, and validated sales potential of the new designs for improved shelf visibility.  Website was analyzed to understand search rank and traffic.


Due to the limited awareness of the Pitmaster LT brand, we recommended:

    • Decluttering the pack design to avoid confusion
    • Highlighting the flavor and brand for ease of shopping
    • Keeping the glass bottle as it is linked to a more premium brand and a higher quality sauce perception
    • Partnering with recipe sites as BBQ sauce is searched for commonly on those pages
    • Optimizing SEO and search key words to help the website rank higher

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