Close up photo of African woman apply cream on her shoulder.

Case Study: Eucerin®

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Close up photo of African woman apply cream on her shoulder.

Research proved a new design just needed more time.


  • Beiersdorf introduced new packaging for Eucerin hand and body lotion in 2017. Sales declines required research to understand whether the newly introduced packaging was the driver in worsening sales — or if other factors beyond packaging were contributing.


  • Research showed that the newly launched design was well-received by consumers and was not the root cause of the worsening sales declines.

  • The “soft” roll-out (i.e., having the old and new pack designs on shelf together during the transition) likely added more confusion for shoppers.

Growth Outcome

  • The decision was made to “stay the course” with the redesign based on these findings, and sales stabilized in 2018 before trending upward (reversing the market share decline).

  • Additional research was conducted to further optimize the graphics, leading to improved sales (4.4% in 2019 and 7.8% in 2020).

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