Nichole Gu

Managing Director, Asia

Nichole is at the helm of Behaviorally’s business in APAC, overseeing its operations in Singapore, China, Australia and Middle East. With a wealth of experience in the insights industry, she has held various senior positions at esteemed firms in the region, including Kantar (TNS & Research International) and PRS IN VIVO.

Known for her strategic acumen and meticulous attention to detail, Nichole excels in establishing strong advisory and partner relationships with clients. Her passion lies in utilizing a behavioral framework to gain a deep understanding of how individuals truly make decisions as consumers and shoppers in their daily lives. By harnessing this knowledge, she provides actionable insights and recommendations to empower clients in driving shopper growth.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Nichole finds solace in reading crime fiction and following fashion blogs. These interests contribute to her profound comprehension of human nature, further enriching her approach to understanding consumer behavior.