New retail is seamlessly multi-channel and offers tremendous opportunity.
eCommerce sales have reached $1 trillion in the US alone in 2022.

Own the Most Valuable ​Moment in New Retail

TransactionPath is a holistic method to help clarify the path-to-purchase and decision drivers in a category to understand the key moments that influence consumer choice.

TransactionPath is a connected system of multi-modal and flexible solutions to capture consumer behavior including:

  • ShelfPath to get a deep and rich understanding of the shopper journey whether in store, online, or across channels via video-based responses and behavior observation. This qualitative approach is designed for scale for quali-quant insights that drive decisions.
  • DecisionPath to quantify, map, and explain consumer decisions along the path-to-purchase by integrating advanced analytics and choice modeling to give brands data driven confidence in action.
  • DigiTraffic and DigiFootprint modules illuminate online search traffic, website interactions, and conversion activity, while also exploring the digital footprint of target shoppers to extract insight on key touch-points and influencers that increase sales.

TransactionPath Case Studies

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