Reliable & Rapid Evaluation of Shopper Marketing

ShopperFlash® is a fully immersive online evaluation tool for developing rapid optimization of shopper marketing strategies.

The ShopperFlash® offering allows you to:

  • Rapidly quantify the impact of your shopper marketing tactics to drive sales 
  • Explore and measure the impact of Pack, POSM, Planograms and Pricing on shopper behavior
  • Refine and execute strategies faster with clear, focused reporting and tangible next steps  
  • Replicate consumer experience in any category of retail (convenience, drug, mass, grocery, etc.)
  • Fully immersive online simulations at shelf 
  • Build virtual shelves easily and quickly, using our extensive database of pack and shelf designs
  • Tap into further insights from adjacent retail categories or environments

ShopperFlash® Case Studies

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