Jose Balarezo

Chief Financial Officer

Jose Balarezo is an instrumental figure at Behaviorally, holding the position of Chief Financial Officer and serving as a Board Executive. In this crucial role, he spends most of his time scaling the business, improving productivity, and managing investment allocations. Some areas under his umbrella are all financial aspects of the company, including planning, reporting, risk management, cash management, taxes, compliance, etc. In addition, Jose overseas HR, Legal, IT, and Operations.

Before joining Behaviorally, Jose accumulated extensive experience in senior financial positions, including serving as a key member of the leadership team and CFO for LEGO USA. His professional journey spans various continents and encompasses companies of diverse sizes, including Fortune 500 entities in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, and logistics.

Originally from Lima, Peru, Jose is curious by nature, a constant learner, and passionate about creating high performing teams. His curiosity and dedication have pushed him to complement his successful career with multiple degrees from renowned international universities. Notably, he holds a PhD in Economics and Management from the prestigious Copenhagen Business School, with exchanges at Sydney University and Stanford.  Additionally, Mr. Balarezo has earned the distinction of being a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), which complements his master’s in applied economics and finance, further exemplifying his expertise and dedication in the financial realm.