Online Beer Shoppers

Understanding the Shopping Journey and Navigation Selection


  • The client needed to understand how shoppers navigate the online beer category and to map out online shopping behaviors to inform retailer navigation optimizations.

  • TransactionPath™ helped to compare actual behaviors to uncover the navigation table stakes and opportunities.


  • We conducted Quantitative research with shopper behavior Data Tracking to understand the alcohol beverage navigation journey.

  • We then used Digifootprint data to learn their online search and purchase journeys, allowing us to fill in the blanks of their actual online shopping path.

  • We compared actual behavior to claimed need to uncover the navigation table stakes and opportunities.


Leveraging Insights, Behaviorally Provided Guidance on:
  1. Influencing factors during the online shopping journey that should be prioritized.

  2. Top considerations for purchase decisions that influence shopper navigation.

  3. Guidance on how the decision criteria varies by journey stage, subcategory, sub segment, and channel.

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