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Understanding the Most Influential Touchpoints to Nudge Behavior


  • The client wanted to discover the most influential touchpoints (both digital and non-digital) on shoppers prior to the start of their purchase journey.

  • TransactionPath™ helped to understand what may have influenced their choice to switch.


  • Careful examination of our data showed us how shoppers are spending time in physical stores, online, and on social media.

  • We identified the most influential touchpoints along the shopper journey and recommended nudges to consider to influence shoppers.


Leveraging Insights, Behaviorally Provided Guidance on:
  1. Influencing factors during the shopping journey that should be prioritized.

  2. Top considerations for purchase decisions in retailer stores and on online marketplaces.

  3. Guidance on how to best utilize these top influencing point to better target shoppers and their needs.

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