Use Case

Happy Scalp

Test Line Extensions Against Competition On-Shelf Prior to Launch


  • Ryo is a hair care brand that believes a healthy scalp is the key to youthful, luxurious, and silky hair.

  • With their growing popularity in Asia, they are expanding their portfolio to cover hair loss and damage. This is a key time to test the new line extension to see how it will perform on-shelf.


  • Flash.AI™ revealed that the pack design delivers strong communication on many attributes except for better than other brands.
  • It is a relatively new brand and there is still some gaps against the more established labels.
  • The clean pack design, distinct branding on the  pump stopper together with the ingredient led claims cue high quality perception.
  • The only distinct weakness is on speed of noting which may be due to the recessive branding on the pack.


  • Improve speed of noting by making brand cues more prominent using contrasting colors that is still aligned with the color tone used in this pack system.

  • Amplify the communication of the brand’s unique positioning as a specialist against hair loss to improve brand power.

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