Preventing Confusion in Sustainability Packaging Initiative With PackFlash®


  • A leading vitamin manufacturer was committed to reducing its carbon by removing the secondary packaging.

  • The company wanted to ensure that the change would not negatively affect shopper behavior related to findability or breakthrough at shelf in the category.

  • Before undertaking an expensive change, PackFlash® helped understand what would happen if the manufacturer placed the current primary bottle as is on shelf.


  • Our research revealed the smaller footprint of the bottle created a visibility barrier and purchase dropped.

  • We also discovered that ‘in hand,’ the bottle’s smaller label didn’t communicate the product’s benefits as clearly as a larger box.

  • When reviewing the bottle on shelf, shoppers perceived the product to be lower quality.


  • The brand needed to do more to mitigate any at-shelf barriers before launching the vitamin product without secondary packaging, saving them from a potential loss in sales.

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