Use Case

365 Sandwich Cookies

Predicting Private Label Design Performance via Image Recognition


  • Whole Foods is in the midst of a packaging refresh across their portfolio of products.

  • Behaviorally tested the new sandwich cookie design to assess if their new system is making the splash they intended.


  • Flash.AI™ revealed that the pack design delivers strong perceptions in terms of taste, value, and superiority. The strong visual and variant copy also aids shop-ability.
  • From a shelf perspective, Visibility and Speed are barriers to overcome due to the white packaging and small presence on-shelf.
  • Lack of trust, quality and personal relevance create challenges for the brand in hand – likely also due to the white packaging and recessive branding which screams ‘generic’.


  • 365 is likely to be overlooked on-shelf in favor of brands with stronger visibility.

  • However, when seen, the strength of the cookie visual with the stronger value perceptions could persuade the shopper due to its lower price point.

  • Major brands need to continue to instill their strong POD and trust/quality credentials to overcome the private label challenge.

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