Use Case

The Gutsy Captain

Predicting New Pack Design Performance Against Competitors with AI Image Recognition


  • European Kombucha brand, The GUTsy Captain, has launched a zero-sugar and zero-calorie range, tapping into the consumer looking for healthier and low-sugar drinks.

  • Internally, the challenge was “to broaden the appeal of the category with innovative NPD and ensure consumers reach for Kombucha intuitively”.


  • Flash.AI™ revealed that the pack designs deliver strong perceptions in terms of taste, quality, and trust.
  • The logical viewing pathway and clear color-coding facilitate shopping ease.
  • Attention at point-of-sale is going to be a challenge (a common failing of NPD launches) and, more notably, that the pack has to better justify its unit-price premium.


  • Enhance the visibility of the pack, as it is likely to be fighting against taller bottled competitors – giving the brandmark further presence may help.

  • Amplify the communication of the brand’s unique positioning and benefits.

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