Use Case

Behave Gummies

Predict Potential Pack Design Performance with AI Image Recognition


  • Behave, a start-up candy brand launched in August 2020, is exploring a product formula change.
  • This is an ideal opportunity to explore a packaging refresh as well if launching in physical retail.


  • Flash.AI™ defined that the design drives favorable taste perceptions, shop-ability and buying scores but weakness in trust, quality, superiority, and relevancy.
  • In the candy category, vibrant colors translate to bold flavor and visually cues variety differences.
  • The prominent Behave branding is aiding product location.


  • Prior to the next development step, Behave needs to adopt bold product visuals and engaging copy treatments to better highlight the brand’s unique credentials of low sugar and calorie content.
  • This will establish credibility and foster consumer relevancy to drive shopper growth.

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