Out of Box Experience


  • The SimpliSafe team was interested in exploring the opening and out-of-box consumer experience of both the retail and e-comm systems to determine potential areas of optimizations.

  • We conducted 24 individual in-person sessions where respondents unboxed packages from two different channels (retail and e-comm) in order to get deeper, richer insights into the out-of-box experience of each packaging system.


  • PackPath™ identified the positive emotions associated with the current packaging as it exposed the ‘brains’ of the system. It was found to have had a real ‘wow’ factor, but also suggested simplicity and intuitive installation. 

  • Use of a molded tray gives the impression of a premium feel and demonstrated a level of care that was appreciated. It also seemed less overwhelming to set up than when components were just in the box.


  • Our research gave clear guidance on the best elements of the retail and e-comm systems to retain in order to achieve a “best of both worlds” scenario that kept the ‘wow’ factor at unboxing.

  • Recommendations were also made on the exterior packaging in order to make it seem less overwhelming (due to extensive copy) and the inclusion of a welcome envelope that sparks excitement and promotes set up.

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