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(Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Mapping the Customer Journey for Smartphones in E-Commerce


  • The client wanted to study the consumer purchase journey amongst recent buyers to understand the motivation and triggers to purchasing a smartphone and specifically, this brand.

  • TransactionPath™ captured shopper behavior via qualitative personal journeys and a behavioral survey to understand the shopper journey to purchase.


  • Interviews highlighted commonalities and differences in the consumer base including the importance of price, word of mouth recommendations, and information gathering prior to purchase.

  • Shopper journeys highlighted recommendations for in-store optimization including the importance of a knowledgeable sales associate.


  • Our research mapped out the entire shopper path-to-purchase and listed out the key moments where the brand can influence shopper decision.

  • Positioning guidance was presented in a workshop to ensure the new branding addressed the needs identified in research and spoke to the consumers in each of the key moments of truth.

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