Confectionary & Snacks

Influencing Confectionary Purchases in E-Commerce Channels


  • In 2021, a major candy brand was investing in building out e-commerce capabilities to drive their digital transformation. 

  • TransactionPath™ optimized their e-commerce portfolio, ensuring it had the best range to drive the acceleration process by understanding the shopper journey, and profiling the shopper.


  • Shoppers made purchases in the category as part of larger, routine trips.

  • Most purchases of the brand were habitual and pre-planned.

  • Shoppers rely on packaging visuals and will deselect products in the search results that do not seem familiar.


  • The brand used retailer cart recommendations to drive incremental online purchases.

  • Weaving category products into “Amazon Best Seller” filters plus, discounts, coupons, and promotions helped power and influence purchase.

  • More viscerally appealing packaging design allowed the brand to capitalize on impulse purchase during additional store visits.

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