Use Case

Raw Sugar Deodorant

Explore New Pack Design Performance with Image Recognition


  • Raw Sugar Living recently launched a new natural deodorant with eco-friendly packaging.

  • With the brand’s launch exclusively at Target, this is a perfect opportunity to explore the strength of the packaging before expanding into other retailers or growing the product portfolio.


  • Flash.AI™ revealed that the unique structure and bold cap colors help the product stand out on shelf amongst competition, garnering high visibility and shop-ability.

  • The clean and uncluttered (but not boring) pack help to cue high quality and trust, also strengthened by the claims pertaining to clean beauty.

  • As a new product that still needs to grow awareness and credibility, value and buying are average.


  • The packaging is working well for this new, disruptive brand launch, in particular the unique shape, color use, and clean design. These strengths should be kept in mind and leveraged for future line extensions or product launches.

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