Use Case

ACT Anticavity Mouthwash

Category Competitive Intelligence to Inform a Redesign


  • Competitive intelligence in the mouthwash segment helped inform best practices for a redesign initiative.

  • Behaviorally tested multiple SKUs, including ACT’s Mouthwash, which was hypothesized to have overarching quality and relevance halos given its “clean look and feel”.


  • Flash.AI™ revealed the design delivered benefits in the top-tier – likely stemming from prominent branding, clear copy callouts, and category-relevant flavor visual and color cues.
  • However, the main barrier was gaining visual attention at shelf, both in terms of how quickly it was seen and if it was being seen overall.


  • Further drive visibility for clear/dye-free offerings in order to communicate benefits and ultimately urge buying. 

    • Consider utilizing “border treatments” around the label, which may provide visual contrast vs. the “background” of a clear structure/liquid combination (believed to be contributing to lower visibility tiering).

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