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Adapting to the Evolved CPG Shopper Journey


  • The client wanted to study the mindset and behavior of shoppers post COVID. How they have changed and how social media can be used to effectively influence shoppers.

  • TransactionPath™ captured shopper behavior via a quantitative  behavioral survey to understand behavior, mindsets, motivations, and barriers when making shopping decisions.


  • The research demonstrates that in today’s shopper journey, technology has undeniably shaped the way that shoppers engage with brands in each of the 4 phases of the shopper journey; Discovery, Evaluation, Purchase, and Post-Purchase.

  • Careful examination of the fluid mindsets impacting shopper choice, the application of BeSci principles, and an openness to tech enabled solutions; brands can create dynamic and compelling ways to influence shopper choice in their favor at every stage of the new shopper journey.


  • Our research mapped out the entire shopper path-to-purchase and listed out the key moments where social media can be used to influence shopper decisions.

  • We created an e-book for distribution to the platform’s advertisers and clients to offer guidance and best practices on how they can reach, influence, and communicate with their end consumer.

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