What’s the Future for the Market Research Industry?

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This month, Behaviorally’s CEO, Alex Hunt had an interview with Greenbook’s Executive Editor & Producer, Lenny Murphy, on the future of the market research industry.

Last year Alex Hunt made news in the industry when he transitioned from President at System 1 Group to assume the role of CRO at Behavriorally (formerly PRS), and then shortly after became CEO. Alex has been a thought leader in the industry for many years and watching his journey has been reflective of the changes in the industry as a whole: rethinking traditional research approaches and models, growing innovative new companies, and transforming industry stalwarts to be positioned for success in a tech-driven marketplace.

I consider him a kind of bellwether for the industry, and as such it is always interesting to get his take on the industry. With that in mind, I asked him if we could catch up to get an update on his newest mission, his read on the tea leaves of the industry, and what has him excited for the future.

I hope you enjoy reading our interview as much as I had conducting it!

Read the Interview Here

Alex Hunt is the CEO of Behaviorally (formerly PRS) and provided this article in March 2019 when he was serving as CEO of PRS IN VIVO USA.
Follow Alex on Twitter @AlexHunt84 or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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